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Nobel and Prize Winners' Work and Life

Ganga Library, virtual, provides you the Thought Processes and Ideas of Alfred Nobel, Nobel Prize Winners and National Medal of Science and Technology Innovation Winners, to solve your scientific, social and planetary problems.

Ganga Library kindles a fire in you revealing to you your hidden aspirations, abilities and skills. It raises your own goals and motivates you to achieve those goals, by reading inspirational material regarding the life and work of high achievers, Prize Winners. You may be the 'general public' or a scientist, litterateur, peace activist, other professional or student. Ganga is valuable to the US Government.

  1. 'General Public'
  2. Scientists
  3. Litterateurs
  4. Peace Activists
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  6. Students
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  8. Thought Process of Nobelists - Simple Analogy
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Value to General Public

  1. Inspires you to do and promote philanthropy.
  2. Encourages and provides ideas for your social and visionary entrepreneurship.
  3. Provides useful information for your advocacy groups.


Alfred Nobel

Americans are near the top and Indians are near the bottom of the list for philanthropy.


In 1962, the newspaper did not view Nobel Laureate Maria Goeppert-Mayer as a Physicist, just because she was a woman. As of 2018, there are 3 women Physics Nobelists out of a total of 210. 1st woman Physics Nobelist: Marie Curie, née Sklodowska, 1903. 59 yrs. later 2nd woman Physics Nobelist: Maria Goeppert-Mayer, 1962. 56 yrs. later 3rd woman Physics Nobelist: Donna Strickland, 2018.

Value to Scientists

  1. Fundamentally, empowers you to comprehend the Laureates' thought processes that lead to the discoveries.
  2. Gives you a better understanding of the Laureates' observations, inferences, designing of research projects and solving scientific problems.
  3. Provides you ideas for further research.
  4. Your awareness of challenges confronted by the Laureates motivates you to be more innovative.
  5. Enables you to fathom the Laureates' burning desire to conduct research and their passion for their daily work.
  6. Helps you to discern adversities overcome and sacrifices made by Laureates.
  7. Pictures to you the joys and thrills of Laureates upon making great discoveries.
  8. For your writing, material provides background information.
  9. Induces those of you in scientifically less advanced countries to take initiative. Drives you, a theoretically very knowledgeable scientist, longing to practically conduct research, to pursue locally, funding for research by the wealthy. Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates visited India to advise the wealthy to donate to charity.
  10. Equips you to learn from Laureates' extraordinary experience and improve the quality of life.

Alfred Nobel

Chemist, Inventor, Chemical Engineer, Industrialist, Philanthropist


Marie Curie

Ivan Pavlov

Essay 7

Value to Litterateurs


Rabindranath Tagore.

Alfred Nobel's will states "prizes to … person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction." Ganga Library provides you access to such work.

Value to Peace Activists

You have access to ideas and methods of other peace activists. Mahathma Gandhi, the "Missing Laureate, 1948" has been a hero to innumerable peace activists including five Nobel Prize Winners: Martin Luther King Jr., Adolfo Esquivel, Dalai Lama, Suu Kyi and Nelson Mandela.

Mahathma Gandhi

Mahathma Gandhi
"Missing Laureate, 1948"


M.L. King Jr.


A. Esquivel


Suu Kyi
Painting - Tim Tompkins - Painthistory.com


N. Mandela

King Africa

Value to Other professionals


Useful to you is our Ganga Library. You may be a professional such as a Film maker, Attorney, Political Scientist, Psychologist, Historian, Behavioral Scientist, Mathematician, Technology Innovator, etc.

Value to Students

  1. Equips you to be an intellectual explorer.
  2. Imparts knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature and Peace, fields in which the Nobel Prize is awarded and also Physical, Biological, Mathematical, Engineering, Social and Behavioral Sciences and Technology Innovation, fields in which the US Medals for Science and Technology Innovation are awarded. These include Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math fields.
  3. Provides material for projects in above fields including history.
  4. Increases your awareness and widens your interests.

Clicking on Nobel's and Prize Winners' names below will take you to their pages.

Value to US Government


State of Scientific Investment. Five 2006 Nobel laureates testified about scientific research and enterprise in the U.S., the importance of investment in science and discoveries made as the result of funding applied research. From Foreground: George F. Smoot, Physics; John C. Mather, Physics; Craig C. Mello, Medicine; Andrew Z. Fire, Medicine; Roger D. Kornberg, Chemistry. C-SPAN2

More Americans will accept the US Government's appropriation of tax dollars for research. Also, more Americans will be aware of the US National Medals for Science and Technology Innovation.

NIH, National Institutes of Health Nobel Laureates

From around the world, Nobel Laureates who have received National Institutes of Health grants prior to their being awarded the Nobel Prize are known as NIH Nobel Laureates. They have been awarded the prize in the categories of Physiology or Medicine, Chemistry, Physics and Economic Sciences. To date, innumerable NIH supported researchers have been sole or shared recipients of Nobel Prizes. Among these are individuals who have served as NIH staff scientists.

Federal Laboratory Nobel Laureates

Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has been awarded annually to brilliant minds worldwide for their achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. Many of those brilliant minds who are working to make the U.S. and countries abroad more advanced are employed by our federal laboratory system.

Department Of Energy Nobel Laureates. The Nobel Laureates associated with Department Of Energy serve as a proud testimony to both the high quality and the impact of the research underwritten by or associated with the Department.

Thought Process of Nobelists - Simple Analogy

Thought Process

David Sweat hiding in hunters’ tree stand, Police Officers missing him and Rosalind Franklin discovering him by looking for him up in the air. Painting: Tim Tompkins PaintHistory.com 6.5X10 150dpi.jpg

David Sweat and Richard Matt escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York in the summer of 2015. Richard Matt was shot dead; David Sweat was shot and captured. Sweat claimed that when the police were searching for him, at one point, he had climbed a tree and he was hiding in a hunting tree stand when an officer walked right past him on the ground.

Generally, when looking for a person outdoors, people look in front of them, on their sides, behind themselves, on the ground and sometimes underground. In science, many scientists do something similar.

Scientists of Nobelists' caliber wonder, "Is it up in the air?" They look up and make a great discovery!

The search cost nearly $1 million per day for 23-days to the New York state police and corrections department. 1,100 law enforcement officers searched heavily forested 75 square miles, about the size of Brooklyn, NY. Other searchers were Vermont police [additionally cost $84,880], U.S. Marshals Service, FBI and local police agencies. "Not a single member of the public or law enforcement was harmed." Source: CNN.

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