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Alfred Nobel's Birth Anniversary Celebration, poster contest/exhibition, 21st of October, Washington DC.

This is an idea. Details including funding are to be planned.

Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation. Photo: National Institute on Aging, NIH

National Mall

Aerial view of National Mall and West Potomac Park, Washington, D.C. showing the rear of Lincoln Memorial and steps to Potomac River in foreground, Washington Monument in center and U.S. Capitol in background.
Photo: U.S. Navy Chief Photographer's Mate Johnny Bivera. 23 Nov 2005

We Americans, on Alfred Nobel's birth anniversary, 21st of October, will celebrate the practical applications of the motivations and roles for which the prize was awarded. There will be a poster contest/exhibition, for the people, by the people, in the National Mall and West Potomac Park, Washington DC. Presenters will explain the motivations and roles with clarity. Visitors will range from laity to the highly educated and experienced in any field. The event will conclude with a symphony orchestra concert.

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Symphony Orchestra concert on Potomac River by steps behind Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC. 12 July 1939. Photo: Library of Congress

On 12 July 1939, the first of a series of summer concerts by the Washington Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Hans Kindler was held on a barge moored in the Potomac River by the steps behind Lincoln Memorial. To give it his blessing and to enjoy the music, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt arrived shortly before intermission accompanied by Brig. Genl. Edwin M. Watson, military aide, and Mrs. Watson. In 1965 the concerts were discontinued owing to jets having commenced flying northeast from [Ronald Reagan] National Airport. It was noisy. However, current jets are comparatively quiet.

If at all it is possible to hold a concert at this location, this will be the first choice of venue. Details of event including funding are to be planned.

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