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Honoring George Whipple

George H. Whipple M.D.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1934
Co-Nobalists George R. Minot, William P. Murphy

Physician; Pathologist. Pernicious anaemia liver therapy. Whipple Disease. Intestinal parasites. Blackwater fever. WWII, Chloroform anesthesia induced liver necrosis. Liver regeneration. Tuberculosis. Pancreatitis. Used Nobelists Joliot Curie’s, Fermi’s, E.O. Lawrence’s radioactive isotopes; discovered iron metabolism; protein metabolism, distribution, functions. Bile constituents. Red cell stroma.

Gentle. Quiet. Wanted to be remembered as teacher.

Honoring George Whipple

George H. Whipple performed an autopsy on a physician, 37 yrs of age. The patient had died of a condition which had not been described up to that point in time. Whipple named it, ‘lipodystrophia intestinalis’. In the walls of the small intestine and lymph nodes, he found granular material. The material stained for fatty acids. The condition was later named Whipple’s Disease by others who described his original description as “a classic of clarity, objectivity and completeness.”
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Name: George Hoyt Whipple
Birth: 28 August 1878, Ashland, NH, USA
Death: 1 February 1976, Rochester, NY, USA
M.D. Johns Hopkins University, 1905
Institution: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA
Award: "for their discoveries concerning liver therapy in cases of anaemia"
Subject: hematology
Portion of Cash: 1/3
Honoring George Whipple
Nobel Prize Medal

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