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History of Discovery

Howard M. Temin Ph.D.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1975
Nobel Co-recipients David Baltimore, Renato Dulbecco
National Medal of Science - Biological Sciences 1992

Virologist. Interaction between tumor viruses and genetic material of cell. DNA provirus and RNA-directed DNA synthesis. Reverse Transcriptase. Intellectually courageous. Civic minded.

How fortunate to live in a country at a time and in a social class that has enabled us to realize our potential. Not been possible for many.

History of Discovery

Retroviruses Please click 'Contents'; a box pops up. Then inside the box click the item you wish to read.
Coffin JM, Hughes SH, Varmus HE
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1997


Some viruses store genetic information in RNA. DNA Learning Center. Please keep clicking small arrow on Temin's image within boxed area. Info appears inside box above Howard Temin's and David Baltimore's images.

The DNA Provirus: Howard Temin's Scientific Legacy American Society Mic Series
Howard M. Temin, Goeffrey M. Cooper, Bill Sugden, Howard Temin Commerative Symposium
Howard M. Temin, Goeffrey M. Cooper, Rayla Greenberg Temin, Bill Sugden
ASM Press, 1995
1555810985, 9781555810986
324 pages
Science, Life Scienced, Genetics & Genomics

Summary: Selected papers of Howard M. Temin. Reprint of Temin and Rubin's 1958 paper describing the focus assay for transformation by rous sarcoma virus. Reprint of Temin's 1964 paper proposing the DNA provirus hipothesis. Reprint of Boettinger and Temin's 1970 paper on inactivation of bromodeoxyuridine- containing proviral DNA by visible light. Reprint of Temin and Mizutani's 1970 paper reporting the discovery of reverse transcriptase. Reprint of Temin's 1971 paper proposing the protovirus hypothesis. Cancer. On the origin of oncogenes. Viruses, genes, and cancer: a lineage of discovery. Mammalian development and human cancer: from the phage group to the genetics of intestinal cancer. Malignant transformation of cells by the v-rel oncoprotein. Progress in the molecular medicine of cancer. Reprint of Shimotohno, Mizutani, and Temin's 1980 paper on the similarity of the structures of retroviral proviruses to that of transposable elements. Beyond the provirus: from Howard Temin's insights on rous sarcoma virus to the study of Epstein-Barr virus, the prototypic human tumor virus. Under the influence: from the provirus hypothesis to multistep carcinogenesis. Herpes simplex virus DNA replication and genome maturation. Reprint of Temin's 1993 paper on the inherent contributions of reverse transcription to retroviral variation. Retrovirus variation and evolution. HIV, AIDS, and the immune system. Human retroviruses in the second decade: some pathogenic mechanisms and approaches to their control. Cherish and idea that does not attach itself to anything. Gene therapy in CD4+ T Lymphocytes in SCID-hu Mice. The dilemma of developing and testing AIDS vacines. Reprint of Temin's 1993 paper proposing a new approach to developing a human immunodeficiency virus vaccine

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Name: Howard Martin Temin
Birth: 10 December 1934, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Death: 9 February 1994, Madison, WI, USA
Institution: University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA
Award: "for their discoveries concerning the interaction between tumour viruses and the genetic material of the cell"
Subject: Genetics, medical oncology, virology
Portion of cash: 1/3
History of Discovery
Honoring Howard Temin
Thought Process
Doctoral Advisor: Renato Dulbecco