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Vinton Cerf Ph.D.

National Medal of Technology and Innovation 1997

One of two Fathers of the Internet. TCP/IP protocols. Internet Architecture. Chief Internet Evangelist, Google. Interplanetary Internet. Living Legend.

"Brilliant, indescribably enthusiastic, humorous, happy, treats people extremely well. It would be nice to go to work every day and work with people like Vint Cerf." – R.V. Nagaveni, Founder, Ganga Library.


Meeting Vint Cerf

‘An Evening with Vint Cerf’ was organized by The National Science & Technology Medals Foundation at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies, in Washington DC, on 5 Apr18.

When Vint Cerf talked about establishing inter-planetary internet, he stated that there was a problem because of the planets constantly moving. He added, "We cannot stop that motion!"

Later when I approached him, the tall man gently bent forward to speak to a short woman. Giving him my business card and briefly informing him of the contents of our library, I requested him for a bio, photo, thought process [for it is the mission of our library and he used the term while being interviewed], patents and copyrights. As I named the items, he promptly wrote those names on the back of my business card and then he gave me his card. Very generously he offered to send me the material. Regarding copyrights, he told me that he had very many which were not registered and to find them in some websites he named.

Vint Cerf is brilliant with a probing mind and indescribably enthusiastic. He is humorous, happy and treats people extremely well.

After stepping out of the building, I felt. "It would be nice if I could go to work every day and work with people like Vint Cerf." -
R.V. Nagaveni, Founder, Ganga Library.

Photo Courtesy Vinton Cerf. Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.com

Name: Vinton Gray Cerf
Birth: 23 June, 1943, New Haven, CT
Institution: Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Award: For creating and sustaining development of Internet Protocols and continuing to provide leadership in the emerging industry of Internet technology
Subject: Internet Technology
CV, Extensive/Publications
Defining Moment/Regret
History of Discovery - Brief History of the Internet
History of Discovery - History of the Internet Answers to Questions
Thought Process
Education: B.S. in Mathematics, Stanford University; M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science, UCLA. Van Nuys High School, CA
Ph.D. Advisor: Gerald Estrin
Dissertation: Multiprocessors, Semaphores, and a Graph Model of Computation (1972)