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Mario R. Capecchi Ph.D. speaker

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2007
Nobel prize also awarded to Sir Martin J. Evans and Oliver Smithies
National Medal of Science - Biological Sciences 2001

Molecular Geneticist. Introduced specific gene modifications in mice by using embryonic stem cells. Gene Targeting, Homeobox Genes, Development, Behavior.

Mother incarcerated as political prisoner, Germany. "At age 4½, I set off on my own, living in streets, orphanages; joining gangs of homeless children; generally hungry. Vivid recollections, brutal beyond description."


Capecchi Bush

President George W. Bush with 2007 Nobel Laureates in Oval Office. Left to right: White House staff Harlan Watson, Joint awardee Nobelist Oliver Smithies, Nobelist Mario Capecchi, Peace Nobelist Al Gore [former US Vice President], President George W. Bush, Economics Nobelist Eric Maskin, White House staff Susan Solomon, Economics Nobelist Roger Myerson and White House staff Sharon Hays. Monday, Nov. 26, 2007. Author: Eric Draper. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Capecchi Awards

Mario Cpecchi 2nd from right. Joint awardee Nobelist Oliver Smithies 3rd from left. Author: Matt Brown. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Capecchi at Univ. of Texas

Mario Capecchi at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, 2008. Author: Szereshk. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Mario Capecchi

Mario Capecchi, Conference on Transposition and Genome Engineering 2013, Budapest. Photo: Thaler Tamás. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Capecchi Fig.1

Fig. 1. A photograph of my mother, Lucy Ramberg, at age 19.

Capecchi Fig.2

Fig. 2. A painting done by my grandmother, Lucy Dodd Ramberg, of her three children, left to right, Edward, Lucy, and Walter. It was painted at their villa in Florence, Italy in 1913.

Capecchi Fig.3

Fig. 3. A painting by Lucy Dodd Ramberg of my mother, Lucy, and uncle Edward having tea at the villa in Florence, Italy (1913).

Capecchi Fig.4

Fig. 4. A photograph of the chalet where my mother and I lived in Wolfgrübben just north of Bolzano, Italy. In the foreground is my mother, Lucy.

Capecchi Fig.5

Fig. 5. A photograph of my uncle Edward Ramberg working in his laboratory at RCA Princeton, New Jersey.

Capecchi Fig.6

Fig. 6. A photograph of James D. Watson.

Capecchi Fig.7

Fig. 7. A photograph of Karl G. Lark.

Capecchi Fig 8b

Fig. 8. My wife, Laurie Fraser and daughter Misha, just after she was born. Misha is now graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz as an arts major.

Capacchi Fig 8a

Fig 9a. View from one of our homes in Utah.

Capecchi Fig 8c

Fig 9b. View from one of our homes in Utah

Capecchi Fig 8d

Fig 9c. View from one of our homes in Utah

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Name: Mario Ramberg Capecchi Ph.D.
Birth: 6 October 1937, Verona, Italy
Institution: University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Award: "for their discoveries of principles for introducing specific gene modifications in mice by the use of embryonic stem cells"
Subject: Genetics
Portion of cash: 1/2
National Medal of Science - Biological Sciences 2001
Mentor: James Watson
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