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Louis Renault

The Nobel Peace Prize 1907
Nobel Co-recipient Ernesto Teodoro Moneta

'Oracle of International Law'. Practical Promoter of Peace. Teacher, judge, diplomat. International: private law, transport, military aviation, naval affairs, commercial paper used in international transactions.

Jurists, journalists can pave way for reform of nefarious practices, influencing nation to give up barbaric measures which its government has been unwilling to renounce.



Unluckily for you, the qualifications of the professor do not necessarily correspond to those of the orator who, as we saw at the Peace Conference, has the knack of making even the most involved problems sound alluring.


1. For too long the diplomats and the theorists of international law ignored each other and disdained each other; as a result of this mutual scorn, now fortunately ended, both theoretical studies and diplomatic agreements have suffered.

2. To resolve them [matters], each country must give up stubborn adherence to its own ideas and concede whatever it can without actually injuring its own essential interests.

3. The main point is that no nation should be forced into anything against its will.

4. As you can imagine, I have been looking forward to this opportunity of expressing publicly to the Nobel Committee my deep gratitude for the signal honor they have conferred in awarding me the Peace Prize; I look upon it as the greatest honor of my life. I should like also to keep a promise made to my distinguished colleague Mr. Frédéric Passy when I saw him on the eve of my departure, by conveying to you his regrets that age has prohibited him from discharging the same duty. - Louis Renault's Nobel Lecture.

5. My debt of gratitude to you all has been further increased by the warmth and friendliness of your welcome, a welcome which has gladdened my heart even more than it has flattered my vanity. I cannot help adding that I ought also to thank Norway for the moving experience afforded me by the spectacle of her national festival. It was not by chance that I was present; guided by friendly advice, I had indeed chosen the date for my visit here. However, in spite of all I had been told, what I had the good fortune to see yesterday far surpassed all my expectations. Nobel lecture, Oslo

6. So it was that I saw the two faces of Norway's noble image - the one gay, the other serious, but both equally engaging. My eyes and my heart were fully satisfied.
You have shown me every kindness and no doubt you will now think me only too quick to take advantage of your patience. Forgive me and understand that I am repaying a debt of gratitude.

7. As we have found in recent conferences, we must now call upon experts in all categories. By doing so we create a climate for the successful collaboration that is so necessary.

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Name: Louis Renault
Birth: 21 May 1843, Autun, France
Death: 8 February 1918, Barbizon, France
Residence at the time of the award: France
Role: Professor International Law
Field: Peace movement, world organizing