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Nikolaas Tinbergen, Ph.D.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1973
Co-nobelist Karl von Frisch, Konrad Lorenz

Biologist - Ornithologist. Discovered ‘organization and elicitation of individual and social behavior patterns’. Sticklebacks fish. Bee wolf, a digger wasp, Philanthus Triangulum. Adventurous. Elder brother Jan Tinbergen is Economics Nobelist, 1969, the first year the Economics prize was awarded. Both awarded at age 66yrs.


Nikolaas Tinbergen’s hobbies and interests were bird watching, camping, grass hockey, skating and Sticklebacks fish.

Sticklebacks fish are small in size, not more than 7 inches in length. On their back is a row of 2 to 16 spines.

Photo: Wikipedia. Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.com

Name: Nikolaas "Niko" Tinbergen
Birth: 15 April 1907, The Hague, The Netherands
Death: 21 December, 1988, Oxford, United Kingdom
Institution: Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
Award: "for their discoveries concerning organization and elicitation of individual and social behaviour patterns"
Portion of Cash: 1/3
Education: Biology - Leiden University, Leiden Netherlands
Ph,D, thesis "Über die Orienterlung dis Beinenwolfes" (On the orientation of the bee wolf), 1932
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