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John C. Mather Ph.D.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2006
Nobel Prize also awarded to George F. Smoot

Physicist - Astrophysics, Instrumentation. COBE, Blackbody form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation.

"For years I had successfully repelled all challenges to my concentration on one overwhelming responsibility. Now, it was done, and I switched my attention to ..."

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NASAFrom the Big Bang to the Nobel Prize and on to James Webb Space Telescope and the discovery of alien life

NASAJames Webb Space Telescope


John C. Mather on "The History of the Universe and the James Webb Space Telescope." Mather discusses what we've learned from studying the Cosmic Microwave Background, and what breakthroughs might be expected from the James Webb Space Telescope. University of New Mexico, October 22, 2014. 1:07:39

NASA Regents' Lecture: From Berkeley to NASA, Stockholm, and the Beginning of the Universe Feb. 24, 2014. 1:16:16
History of the Universe and How Scientists Found Out About It.

CSPAN Exploration of Mars. John Mather talked about the future direction of Mars exploration missions. Topics included manned and unmanned missions, international collectives, the James Webb Space Telescope, the early history of the Earth, additional projects that NASA was focusing on, and the Nobel Prize that he won.

This part of a plenary session of the Twelfth Annual International Mars Society Convention was held at the University of Maryland, College Park. July 31 2009 45:21

CSPAN University of Maryland Winter Commencement Address, Dec. 20, 2008

CSPAN State of Scientific Investment, May 2, 2007

Five 2006 Nobel laureates testified about scientific research and enterprise in the U.S., the importance of investment in science, and discoveries made as the result of funding applied research.

John C. Mather. Please bear in mind that there may be more than one person with same name.

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John Mather
Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.org

Name: John Cromwell Mather
Birth: 7 Aug, 1946 Roanoke, Virginia
Institution: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, USA
Award: "for their discovery of the blackbody form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation"
Subject: Astrophysics
Portion of cash: 1/2
Patents: John Mather has not patented his work
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