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Henri Bergson

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1927

Philosopher, Essayist wrote in French. Rich and vitalizing ideas and brilliant skill in presentation. President, Commission for Intellectual Cooperation of League of Nations.

Philosophical system demonstrating Nobel's idea of acknowledging with his Prizes, not human deeds but new ideas revealed through select personalities. Regain for man's consciousness the divine gift of intuition and to put reason in its proper place: serving and controlling ideas.

External Resources

Bergson's "Matter and Memory" and Modern Selectionist Theories of Memory by Patrick McNamara, Vision House, Tewksbury, Massachusetts. BRAIN AND COGNITION 30, 215-231 (1996). ARTICLE NO. 0014.

Henri Bergson, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Henri Bergson's theory of laughter. The personal website of Timo Laine.

The Bergsonian Philosophy of the Intelligence by María del Carmen Sánchez Rey. Translated by D. Ohmans


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Photo: Nobelprize.org

Name: Henri Bergson
Birth: 18 October 1859, Paris, France
Death: 18 October 1859, Paris, France
Residence at the time of the award: France
Prize Motivation: "in recognition of his rich and vitalizing ideas and the brilliant skill with which they have been presented"
Field: Philosophy/essay writing
Language: French
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