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Shing-Tung Yau Ph.D.

National Medal of Science - Mathematics and Computer Science 1997

Mathematician. Differential geometry, Differential equations, General relativity. Calabi-Yau manifolds. Miyaoka-Yau inequality. Founder: Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Morningside Center of Mathematics at Academia Sinica; Center of Mathematical Sciences at Zhejiang University; Tsinghua Mathematical Sciences Center, China. Adviser more than 50 doctoral students.

Family fled mainland China and Communist takeover when he was an infant. Leader of street gang and often skipped school.


Honorary Degrees
Research Interests
Visiting Professor
Additional Affiliations
Awards and Fellowships
Invited Lectureships


Ph.D., Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 1971


May 11, 2014 Doctor of Humane Letters, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jun 17, 2011 Doctor of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada
Jun 05, 2010 Doctor of Science, National Cheng Kung University
May 18, 2009 Doctor of Science, Lehigh University
Nov 2005 Doctor of Science, National Taiwan University
May 22, 2005 Doctor of Science, Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, New York
Nov 2004 Doctor of Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jul 2004 Doctor of Science, National Central University
Mar 2003 Doctor of Science, Zhejiang University
Oct 16, 2002 Doctor of Science, Macau University
Jun 24, 2000 Doctor of Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Jun 21, 1997 Doctor of Science, Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Sept 1987 Master of Arts, Harvard University
Dec 1980 Doctor of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Differential geometry, differential equations, and general relativity


2014-Present Director of the Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Harvard University
2013-Present Professor of Physics, Harvard University
2008-2012 Chair of Department of Mathematics, Harvard University
2003-Present Distinguished Professor-at-Large, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2000-Present William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University
2009-Present Director of the Mathematical Sciences Center, Tsinghua University, China
2002-Present Director of the Centre of Mathematical Sciences at the Zhejiang University
1996-Present Director of the Morningside Center of Mathematics at Chinese Academy of Sciences
1994-Present Director of The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1987-Present Professor of Mathematics, Harvard University
1997-2000 Higgins Professor of Mathematics (Chair Professor), Harvard University
1994-2003 Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1984-1987 Chancellor Associate Chair and Professor of Mathematics, University of California, San Diego
1979-1984 Professor of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
1974-1979 Professor of Mathematics, Stanford University
1972-1973 Assistant Professor of Mathematics, State University of New York, Stony Brook
1971-1972 Member of the School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton University


Apr-May 2007 Visiting University of California, Los Angeles
Jan-Mar 2007 Visiting University of California, Irvine
Jan-Jun 2002 Gordon Moore Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, California Institute of Technology
1999 Samuel Eilenberg Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, Columbia University
1996 John Harvard Fellow, Issac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics, University of Cambridge, U.K.
1991-1992 Special Chair, Department of Mathematics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
1991-1992 Wilson T. S. Wang Distinguished Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Sept 1990 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, State University of New York, Stony Brook
1989 Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Department of Mathematics, California Institute of Technology
Fall 1986 Sid Richardson Centennial Chair in Mathematics and Visiting Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin


2009-present Honorary Professor, Wuhan University
2009-present Honorary Professor, Hunan Normal University
2009-present Honorary Professor, North University of China
2009-present Honorary Professor, Northwest University
2006-present Honorary Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
2002-present Honorary Professor, Zhejiang University
1999-present Honorary Professor, University of Science and Technology of China
1998-present Honorary Professor, Beijing University
1993-present Honorary Professor, Nankai University
1987-present Honorary Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1987-present Honorary Professor, Hangzhou University
1983-present Honorary Professor, Fudan University
1983-present Honorary Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences


2010 The Wolf Prize
2010 AAEOY Distinguished Science & Technology Award
2003 2003 International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award
1997 National Medal of Science, U.S.A
1994 Crafoord Prize, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
1991 Humboldt Research Award, The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany
1985 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship
1984 One of Americas 100 brightest scientists under 40, Science Digest
1982 Fields Medal, International Congress of Mathematicians
1981 The John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science, National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
1981 The Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry, American Mathematical Society
1980 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship
1979 California Scientist of the Year, California Science Center 1975-1976 Alfred P. Sloan Fellow


Jan 2013 Fellow, American Mathematical Society
2009 Member of the Selection Committee for Distinguished Research Achievement Award (DRAA) of the University of Hong Kong
2008 Foreign Member, Indian National Academy of Science
2005 Foreign Member, National Academy of Lincei, Italy
Jul 2005 Member of the Overseas Expert Consultant Committee of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of State Council
2003 Foreign Member, Russian Academy of Sciences 1995 Foreign Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences 1993 Member, National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
1993 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1990-1992 Member-at-Large, Council of the American Mathematical Society
1989 Member, Scientific Advisory Council, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
1989 Member, Board of Mathematical Sciences, National Academy of Science, U.S.A.
1985 Member, American Physical Society
1985 Member, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, U.S.A.
1984 Academician, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
1983 Fellow, New York Academy of Sciences
1982 Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1980 Honorary Member, Academic Committee, Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 1971 Member, American Mathematical Society


Present Editorial Boards, Editor, American Journal of Mathematics
2007-Present Editors-in-Chief, Communications in Number Theory and Physics
2005-Present Editors-in-Chief, Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly
2004-Present Editor-in-Chief, Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations
2001-Present Honorary Editor, Communications in Information and Systems
1997- Editorial Boards, Editor, Journal of Mathematical Physics
1997-Present Editor-in-Chief, Advances in Theoretical Mathematics and Physics
1997-Present Editor-in-Chief, Asian Journal of Mathematics
1994-Present Editor-in-Chief, Methods and Application of Analysis
1994- Editorial Boards, Editor, Advances in Mathematics
1993-Present Editorial Boards, Editor, Mathematical Research Letters
1993-Present Editorial Boards, Advisor, Communications in Analysis and Geometry
1993-Present Editorial Boards, Advisor, Methods and Applications of Analysis
1982-1999 Editor, Communication in Mathematical Physics
1981-1988 Editor, Inventiones Mathematicae
1980-Present Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Differential Geometry


Oct 5, 2012 The Edmund R. Michalik Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Pittsburgh
Jan 17, 2012 2012 McKnight-Zame Distinguished Lecture at University of Miami
Jan 20-21, 2011 The Fields Institute Distinguished Lecture Series at University of Toronto
Jul 13, 2010 Distinguished Applied Math. Lecture at National Chiao Tung University
Jul 11, 2010 2010 NCTS International Conference on "Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry" at the National Center fro Theoretical Sciences, Taiwan
Jun 2010 Workshop "Geometric Analysis and General Relativity" at The Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS), Canada
Nov 10, 2009 Invariants in Algebraic Geometry at The University of Tokyo, Japan
Sept 7-8, 2009 Keynote Speaker for the 13th IMA Conference on The Mathematics of Surfaces at York, England
Jun 30, 2009 Distinguished Lecture Series Conference at Taida Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Jun 18, 2008 IFTP Trieste
May 30, 2008 Scientist Forum at Yunnan, China
May 21, 2008 80th Hirzebruch Conference, Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv Israel
Mar 11, 2008 IPMU Opening Symposium
Dec 26, 2007 Indian Mathemathics Society
Dec 17-22, 2007 International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians
Aug 27-31, 2007 Geometrie differentielle, Physique mathematique, Mathematiques and societe, IHES France
May 2007 Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) 2006-2007 at UCLA
Jan 2006 Brauer Lectures, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2005 String 2005, Fields Institute, Toronto
May-Jun 2005 Andrejewski Lectures, Gottingen, Germany
Sept-Dec 2004 Eilenberg Lectures, Department of Mathematics, Columbia University
May 2004 Bloomberg Lecture, University of Texas at Austin
2003 Distinguished Lecture Series, Department of Mathematics, University of California, LA.
Oct 2003 Andre Aisenstadt Chair Lecture Series, Department of Mathematics, University of Montreal
1999 Hans Rademacher Lecture, Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania
1999 Stefan Bergman Lecture, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
1998 Run Run Shaw Distinguished Lecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
1997 Rufus Bowen Lecture, Department of Mathematics University of California, Berkeley
1988 American Mathematical Society Colloquium
1983 James K. Whittemore Lecture, Department of Mathematics, Yale University
1982 Alexander Ziwet Lecture, Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1982 International Mathematical Union Lecture, Zurich, Switzerland
1981 The 33rd British Mathematical Colloquium, London Mathematical Society
1979 Milton Brockett Porter Lecture, Department of Mathematics, Rice University
1978 International Congress of Mathematicians, Plenary Speaker, Helsinki, Finland

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Photo: Courtesy Dr. Shing-Tung Yau

Name: Shing-Tung Yau
Birth: 4 April, 1949, China
Title: Professor of Mathematics
Affiliation: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Citation: "For his fundamental contributions in mathematics and physics. Through his work, the understanding of basic geometric differential equations has been changed and he has expanded their role enormously within mathematics."
Contributions to Math
External Resources Text: The Emperor of Math
Videos: Shing-Tung Yau
Ph.D. Advisor: Shiing-Shen Chern, University of California, Berkeley, 1971
Bearing Laureate's Name: Calabi-Yau manifolds
Miyaoka-Yau inequality