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William Ramsay KCBE, FRS

William Ramsay KCBE, FRS

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1904

Inorganic, Organic, Physical chemist. Outstanding experimentalist. Discovered inert gaseous elements in air, determined their place in periodic system. Discovered argon, helium, krypton, neon, xenon. Molecular weights in liquid state. Stoichiometry, thermodynamics. Helium in radium emanations.

“Noblest exercise of mind within doors, and most befitting a person of quality, is study.”


Languages and Travelling. He rolled his own cigarettes because machine-made ones are not worthy of an experimentalist.

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Name: Sir William Ramsay
Birth: 2 October 1852, Glasgow, Scotland
Death: 23 July 1916, High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Residence: University College, London, United Kingdom
Award: "in recognition of his services in the discovery of the inert gaseous elements in air, and his determination of their place in the periodic system."
Portion of Cash: 1/1
Education: Doctoral degree, University of Tubingen, Germany
Doctoral Advisor: Rudolf Fittig
Thesis: Thesis on orthotoluic acid & its derivatives.