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Daniel M. Nathans M.D.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1978
Nobel co-recipients Werner Arber, Hamilton O. Smith
National Medal of Science - Biological Sciences 1993

Physician, Molecular Biologist - Genetics. Restriction enzymes and their application to molecular genetics. Groundwork for human genome project, drug insulin. Able administrator - high signal-to-noise ratio.

"Valuable internship year in medicine with masterful clinician Robert Loeb; The glimpses of human strength and frailty that a physician sees are still with me."


Publication No:US 5850023 A
Title:Modified plant viral replicase genes
Publication Type:United States Utility Patent
Publication Date:Dec 15, 1998
Filing Date:Nov 12, 1997
Inventors:Elmer James Scott, Nathans Daniel, Rogers Stephen Gary
Assignee:Monsanto Company
Abstract:DNA sequences encoding plant viral proteins which contain modifications of the amino acid sequence -Gly1-Xaa1-Xaa2-Xaa3-Xaa4-Gly2-Lys- are disclosed. These modified proteins confer viral resistance when expressed in transformed plants. A method for providing resistance to infection by a geminivirus in a susceptible plant are disclosed. Plants expressing the modified genes which are resistant to viral infection are also disclosed.
Representative Figure:
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Publication No:US 4767709 A
Title:Growth-related hormones
Publication Type:United States Utility Patent
Publication Date:Aug 30, 1988
Filing Date:Jun 28, 1984
Inventors:Nathans Daniel, Linzer Daniel IH
Assignee:The Johns Hopkins University
Abstract:Proliferin, a growth-related hormone of the prolactin-growth hormone family is provided, as well as DNA molecules encoding proliferin and methods of expressing the DNA molecules in vivo. Methods of probing for proliferin encoding DNA are also provided.
Representative Figure:
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Name: Daniel M. Nathans
Birth: 30 October 1928, Wilmington, DE, USA
Death: 16 November 1999, Baltimore, MD, USA
Institution: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA
Award: "for the discovery of restriction enzymes and their application to problems of molecular genetics"
Subject: Genetics, molecular biology
Portion of cash: 1/3
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History of Discovery
Honoring Danial Nathans
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