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Fridtjof Nansen

The Nobel Peace Prize 1922

Zoologist - Neuroscientist, Polar Explorer, Oceanographer, Humanitarian. 'Nansen Passports' for stateless refugees. Despite Russia then being suspect in Western nations, relief for 7,000,000 to 22,000,000 Russians dying of famine.

Ministered to refugees - methods became classic: custodial care, repatriation, rehabilitation, resettlement, emigration, integration.

Love of mankind is politics in practice.


Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.org

Photographic Archive of Fridtjof Nansen's Life and Work. The National Library of Norway maintains an online database of 3500 photographs related to Fridtjof Nansen. Parts of the database have also been translated into English, French and Spanish.

Nansen Fig1

Head and shoulders portrait of Fridtjof Nansen, facing half-right. He has close-cropped hair, a wide, fair moustache and is wearing a heavy fur coat. Uploaded by Papa Lima Whiskey Created: 29 April 1915 Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig2

Nansen at the age of four Created: 31 December 1864 Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig3

Nansen as a student in Christiania. Created: 7 January 2010. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig4

Greenland expedition, July-October 1888 Dotted line (blue) shows approach of Jason, to 17 July. Continuous line (red) shows drift of Nansen's party southward to 29 July, and the boat journey northward to Umivik The originally planned crossing route, from Sermilik to Christianhaab (red) Actual crossing route to Godthaab, 15 August to 3 October Created: 31 July 2010. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig5

Fridtjof Nansen and Eva Nansen in autumn 1889. Created: 15 December 2009. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig6

Nansen in 1889 (28 years old). Created: 1 January 1889. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig7

Modern photograph of the Fram's rounded hull.Created: 13 June 2010. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig8

Routes taken during the 1893-96 Fram expedition: (red) Fram's route eastward from Vardø along the Siberian coast, turning north at the New Siberian Islands to enter the pack ice, July-September 1893 (blue) Fram's drift in the ice from the New Siberian Islands north and west to Spitsbergen, September 1893 - August 1896 (green) Nansen and Johansen's march to Farthest North, 86°13.6'N, and subsequent retreat to Cape Flora in Franz Josef Land, March 1895 - June 1896 (violet) Nansen and Johansen's return to Vardø from Cape Flora, August 1896 (yellow) Fram's voyage from Spitsbergen to Tromsø, August 1896

Nansen Fig9

Nansen and Johansen prepare to depart Fram for their polar trek, 14 March 1895. Nansen is the figure second from left, Johansen second from right. Created: 14 March 1895. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig10

The hut on Franz Josef Land, covered in snow, in which Nansen and Johansen spent the winter of 1895-96. A drawing, based on Nansen's photograph. Created: 31 December 1896. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig11

The Nansen-Jackson meeting at Cape Flora, 17 June 1896. Created: 17 June 1896. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig12

"A New Norway" speech by Fridtjof Nansen at a Fædrelandslaget rally in Tønsberg, 26 August 1928. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig13

An illustration of the workings of the Nansen bottle. Created: 31 December 1904. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig14

Nansen raised funds to help the famine in Russia by taking photographs and selling postcards of the disaster. Created: 31 December 1921. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig15

Fridtjof Nansens Saga 1940 (1931). Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nanaen Fig16

Fridtjof Nansen among orphaned Armenian boys at a summer camp near Gyumri in 1925. Created: 20 September 2014. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig17

Nansen, photographed towards the end of his life. Uploaded: 18 August 2010. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig18

Nansen on his Stella Polaris combined holiday and lecturing tour for the Fatherland League in 1929. Created: before 1929. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig19

Post-mortem photograph of Nansen. Created: 13 May 1930. Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Nansen Fig20

Mount Fridtjof Nansen in Antarctica, named and photographed by Roald Amundsen. Created: November 1911 (during Amundsen's South Pole journey). Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig21

Fridtjof Nansen Institute at Polhøgda. Created: 15 March 2009. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig22

Fridtjof Nansen's bust in Yerevan, sculptor Garegin Davtyan. Created: 18 June 2012. Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nansen Fig23

Return of the Nansen's Greenland expedition home. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nansen Fig24

The official opening of the League of Nations, 15 November 1920. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nansen Fig25

Fridtjof Nansen and Mr. Wourtzel of the Russian Imperial Rail Service. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nansen Fig26

The Armenia commission of the League of Nations. From left, on the first row are G. Carle, Fridtjof Nansen and C.E. Dupuis. In the background are Vidkun Quisling (left) and Pio Le Savio (right). Date: 19 June 1925. Author: Anders Beer Wilse (1865-1949) Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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Fridtjof Nansen
Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.com

Name: Fridtjof Nansen
Birth: 10 October 1861, Kristiania (now Oslo), Norway
Death: 13 May 1930, Oslo, Norway
Institution: Norway
Award: Originator of "Nansen passports" (for refugees), Norwegian Delegate, Société des Nations, Explorer, Scientist
Subject: humanitarian work
History of Discovery
Honoring Nansen
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