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Alva Myrdal

Alva Myrdal

The Nobel Peace Prize 1982
Co-nobelist: Alfonso García Robles

Diplomat, Innovator, Writer. Disarmament, Nuclear Weapons-Free Zones. Technology and growth in violence. Women's rights. Swedish Ambassador to India. Insightful.

"Never forget trampling down of human dignity, rights, increase in acts of violence, torture use, testifies to persistence in contempt for suffering of individual men and women."
"Down with nuclear weapons!"

Nobel Prize Cash & Philanthropy

Alva Myrdal used part of her Nobel Prize money to donate to two peace causes. One cause was to keep oceans free of nuclear weapons. The other cause was to help learn the culture of violence and the people who are violent and benefit from such violence.

Alva Myrdal had been in need of a secretary for a long time. She used part of her Nobel Prize money to hire a secretary!

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Name: Alva Myrdal
Birth: 31 January 1902, Uppsala, Sweden
Death: 1 February 1986, Stockholm, Sweden
Residence: Sweden
Role: Diplomat, former Cabinet Minister, Writer
Portion of Cash: 1/2
Nobel Prize Cash & Philanthropy