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Walter Kohn

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1998
The National Medal of Science - Physical Sciences 1988

Award: "for his development of the density-functional theory"


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Walter Kohn
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Name: Walter Kohn
Birth: 9 March, 1923, Vienna Austria
Death: 19 April, 2016, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Award: "for his development of the density-functional theory"
Portion of Cash: 1/2
National Medal of Science: "For his pioneering fundamental contributions to the theory of the electronic structure of solids, including the effective mass approach to defects in semiconductors, the so-called KKR method of band structure, and, most importantly, the density functional approach to the many-electron problem which has led to great advances in the understanding of bulk solids and solid surfaces."
Presented by President Reagan in a White House ceremony on July 15, 1988. Biography