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Aaron Klug

Aaron Klug

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1982

Crystallographic electron microscopy. Biologically important nucleic acid-protein complexes’ structural elucidation. Viruses’ 3D imaging. Zinc fingers.

“Saw Rosalind Franklin’s beautiful tobacco mosaic virus’ X-ray photographs. From then on my fate was sealed.”

“Aaron could see colleagues’ strengths, weaknesses in observations; inspired them to conduct more rigorous, adventurous research.” - Richard Henderson.


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Photo Bogaerts, Rob, Anefo, Dutch National Archives; Wikipedia.

Name: Aaron Klug
Birth: 11 August 1926, Zelvas, Lithuania
Death: 20 November 2018
Affiliation: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Role: "for his development of crystallographic electron microscopy and his structural elucidation of biologically important nucleic acid-protein complexes."
Education, Mentor: PhD Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory of Physics, 1953, supervisor D. R. Hartree, Thesis: ‘The kinetics of phase changes in solids’.
M.Sc. University of Cape Town 1946
B.Sc. University of Witwatersrand 1945.
Pre-medical course University of Witwatersrand.
Durban High School, S. Africa.
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