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George Smith

George Smith

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018
Nobel co-recipients: Frances H. Arnold, Sir Gregory P. Winter

"for the phage display of peptides and antibodies."

Nobel Prize Cash & Philanthropy

George P. Smith donated his almost $250,000 Nobel Prize money to the University of Missouri's College of Arts and Sciences. It was named the Missouri Nobel Scholarship Fund. He had started his education studying and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in arts, not in science, at the university. He stated, "My liberal arts education was the springboard for a lifetime of learning and cultural engagement. Margie and I hope that supporting the liberal arts as a whole will enrich the lives of future Mizzou students, whatever careers they choose."

Smith is the first person in the university to be awarded the Nobel Prize. Accompanied by his wife Margie, Smith made the statement at a community event, annual Mizzou Giving Day, in Columbia. The university and the University of Missouri System contributed $300,000 to the scholarship.

The university Chancellor Alexander N. Cartwright stated that thereafter the university would contribute $100,000 for scholarships every time a teaching staff member was awarded a Nobel Prize. Regarding donations made by other people, the university will match the donation dollar for dollar in their Promise & Opportunity Scholarship Program. Source: Mara Rose Williams, The Kansas City Star.

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George Smith
Photo Bengt Nyman, Wiki.

Name: George P. Smith
Birth: 10 March 1941, Norwalk, CT, USA
Residence: University of Missouri, Columbia, USA
Role: "for the phage display of peptides and antibodies."
Portion of Cash: 1/3
Nobel Prize Cash & Philanthropy