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Eugene F. Fama Ph.D., MBA

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economics Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2013
Nobel co-recipients Lars Peter Hansen, Robert J. Shiller

Economist. Empirical analysis of asset prices. Influenced development of index funds. Father of modern finance. Idea is 'how do you measure risk?' Windsurfing, golf, opera.

In University of Chicago - Economics. Environment so productive. "We have good people, you need that; very interactive environment; people help one another out a lot. I couldn't do what I did without the help of my professors, colleagues and students. Everybody contributes to everybody else."

Nobel Prize General Information

Eugene Fama had vowed, prior to being awarded the Nobel Prize, not to permit it to change his life. He has not changed his life. Upon being awarded the Nobel, people hold him in great esteem and he receives many speaking invitations. He passes on most of the invitations.

Robert Lefkowitz
Photo: © Nobel Foundation

Name: Eugene F. Fama
Birth: 14 February 1939 Boston, MA, USA
Institution:: University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Award: "for their empirical analysis of asset prices"
Subject: Financial Economics
Portion of cash: 1/3
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