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Nobel Medal, Cash, Generosty & Kindness

Willem Einthoven, Physician

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1924

Physician, Physiologist. Discovered electrocardiogram [EKG/ECG] mechanism. It was known that heart generates weak electrical current varying in health, heart disease. Invented galvanometer recording these currents. Named electrical waves P, Q, R, S, T. [P petite; next letters in alphabet]. Interests: Physics, Acoustics, Asthma, Optics, Physical activity. Great concentration. Generous, Kind.

Nobel Medal, Cash, Generosity & Kindness

Einthoven was awarded $40,000 along with a medal as the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 1924. Very generously, he wanted to share the money with his assistant, Van der Woerdt. However, he discovered that Van der Woerdt had passed away. So he looked for Van der Woerdt's two surviving sisters. They were poverty stricken and living in a kind of almshouse. He went there by train and gave them half of the award money.

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Name: Willem Einthoven, Physician
Birth: 21 May 1860, Semarang, Java, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia)
Death: 29 September 1927, Leiden, the Netherlands
Institution: Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands
Award: "for his discovery of the mechanism of the electrocardiogram."
Portion of Cash: 1/1
Education: Medical Degree, University of Utricht,1885.
Thesis: "Stereoscipie door kleurverschil" (Stereoscopy by means of colour variation)
Mentor: Great Physiologyst F.C. Donors
Nobel Prize Cash and Philanthropy