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Donald J. Cram Ph.D.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1987
Co-Nobelists: Jean-Marie Lehn, Charles J. Pedersen
The President's National Medal of Science - Chemistry 1993

Organic Chemist. Development, use of molecules with structure-specific interactions of high selectivity. Taught himself solid geometry from book, winning scholarship. High emotional intelligence.

When word "research" entered my vocabulary, it had magic ring, suggesting search for new phenomena. Chemical research became my god, and conducting it, my act of prayer.

Nobel Prize Effect on Nobelist

Donald J. Cram was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at the age of 68 yrs. He felt that the timing was ideal for it enhanced his research interests and did not divert his career.

Cram stated that the Noble Prize had a profound effect on his life. After the prize was awarded he obtained the most exciting results in his entire research life of 50 years. He had increased experiences which were mostly interesting and of educational value. The field of molecular organic chemistry had become better known by the prize being awarded.

"I have looked on the Nobel Prize as an opportunity to do more of what I enjoy and what I am good at, and that is science, That is the central core of my life." - LA Times.

Drawing by Ami Mowris

Name: Donald James Cram
Birth: 22 April 1919, Chester, VT, USA
Death: 17 June, 2001, Palm Desert, CA, USA
Institution: University of California, Los Angeles
Award: "for their development and use of molecules with structure-specific interactions of high selectivity"
Subject: organic chemistry
Portion of cash: 1/3
Nobel Prize Effect
M.S.: M.S. 1942, Mentor Dr. Norman Cromwell, University of Nebraska
Ph.D.: Ph.D. 1947, Mentor Professor L.F. Fieser, Harvard University. National Research Council Fellowship. Ph.D.in 18 months.