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André F. Cournand M.D.

André F. Cournand M.D.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1956
Co-nobelists Werner Forssmann, Dickinson W. Richards

Physician. Discovered heart catheterization. Used contrast material to show in X-rays. Studied pulmonary circulation – flow, pressure and volume.

“...happiness stems from the appreciation of a task, from what is asked of man and not from the satisfaction of his material appetites.”


A biographical memoir National Acedemy of Sciences by Ewald R. Wiebel. Bio 22 pages 37 pages total.

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Name: André Frédéric Cournand
Birth: 24 September 1895, Paris, France
Death: 19 February 1988, Great Barrington, MA, USA
Institution: Columbia University Division, Cardio-Pulmonary Laboratory, Bellevue Hospital, New York, NY, USA
Award: "for their discoveries concerning heart catheterization and pathological changes in the circulatory system"
Subject: cardiovascular physiology
Portion of Cash: 1/3