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Carlos Belo

Carlos Belo

The Nobel Peace Prize 1996
Co-nobelists: José Ramos-Horta

“Nations will proclaim his wisdom; the assembly will celebrate his praises. If he lives long, his name will be more glorious than a thousand others, and if he dies, that will satisfy him just as well” (Wisdom 39, 10-11)

“… it expresses with deep significance the memory of the man we remember this day whose esteemed Peace Prize bears his name. Today, 10th December, we celebrate the centennial anniversary of the death of a wise benefactor of humanity, a peace worker, Alfred Nobel.” - Nobel Lecture, Nobel foundation.


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Name: Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo
Birth: 3 February 1948, Wailacama, East Timor
Residence at the time of the award: East Timor
Prize Motivation: "for their work towards a just and peaceful solution to the conflict in East Timor."
Portion of Cash: 1/2
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