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Daniel I. Arnon, Ph.D.

National Medal of Science Science - Biological Sciences 1973

Plant Physiologist. Photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation. Child prodigy. Post-Sputnik national committee. Wrote four chapters on evolution of life processes in "Blue Series" high-school biology textbook, widely translated, nationally acclaimed. Budgeted well time and circumstances. Debater, played devil's advocate with zest.

Reminded those weary of duplicating, "Repetition is the mother of learning."


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Name: Daniel Israel Arnon
Birth: 14 November, 1910 Warsaw, Poland
Death: 20 December, 1994
Institution: University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
Award: "For fundamental research into the mechanism of green plant utilization of light to produce chemical energy and oxygen and for contributions to our understanding of plant nutrition."
Presented by President Nixon at a White House Ceremony on October 10, 1973
Education: Chaffey Junior College of Agriculture, Ontario, now Chaffey College. B.S.1932, Ph.D.1936, University of California, Berkeley.
Doctoral Advisor: Professor Dennis R. Hoagland.