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Bearing Alfred Nobel's Name

Alfred Nobel

Chemist, Inventor, Awesome Administrator, Social Reformer.

"It could and should soon come to pass that all states pledge themselves collectively to attack an aggressor. That would make war impossible, and would force even the most brutal and unreasonable Power to appeal to a court of arbitration, or else keep quiet."

Bearing Alfred Nobel's Name

Alfred Nobel Fig99

Bust of Alfred Nobel outside Björkborn mansion, his last home in Sweden. Now the manor is a museum. Visitors may picture Alfred Nobel's summer time. Image Author: Tomas er. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Nobelium, element. Los Alamos National Laboratory USA

6032 Nobel (1983 PY), Main-belt Asteroid. NASA, Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech.

Alfred Nobel Fig33

Commemorative plaque at the City Hall of Sevran, France. Source: nobelprize.org.

Alfred Nobel Fig34

Commemorative plaque at Alfred Nobel's old Laboratory. Source: nobelprize.org.

Alfred Nobel Fig35

Nobel monument "Blown up Tree" on the bank of the River Neva, St. Petersburg. Source: nobelprize.org.

Alfred Nobel Fig36

Mali stamp featuring Alfred Nobel and depicting symbols representing the five Nobel Prize categories. Designed and engraved by Jacques Combet.February 22, 1971, Scott No. C115.

Alfred Nobel Fig37

Stamp from Deutsche Post AG from 1995, 100th anniversary of Nobel testament, 1995. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Alfred Nobel Fig38

Stockholm, Sweden, Silver Medal Honoring the Presentation of the Nobel Prizes December 10, 1975. D.= 39 mm 19.92 g Sterling Silver. Head l. surrounded by symbols for money and sciences. Medallist: RR (W. Richard Renninger), Sculptor, Franklin Mint, 1918 Boyertown, Pennsylvania - 1995 Philadelphia. Date: April 2013. Authot: Berlin George. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Alfred Nobel Fig39

Monaco stamp depicting Medal for Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature commemorationg Alfred Nobel's 150th birth anniversary. Designed by Swiss graphic artist René Baur, engraved by Czeslaw Slania. Scott No. 1395. Issued November 9, 1983.

Alfred Nobel Fig40

Alfred Nobel Norway stamp.
This set was issued in 2001 to commemorate 100 years of the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded from Oslo, Norway. Masterly crafted by Sverre Morken and Enzo Finger, using a combination of 3 different engraving/printing techniques. The process took Morken almost 1 year.

Alfred Nobel Fig41

Monaco EUROPA stamp titled "Paix," featuring portrait of Alfred Nobel and a peace dove, designed and engraved by Claude Jumelet. Commemorating 50th anniversary of Allied victory in Europe (VE Day) during World War Two, Scott No.1944. May 8, 1995

Alfred Nobel Fig42

The Nobel Monument, in Theodore Roosevelt Park, New York, erected in 2003. Joint project by Consulate General of Sweden and New York City for honouring all American Nobel Laureates and Alfred Nobel. The US has largest number of Nobel Laureates.

Alfred Nobel Fig43

Swedish stamp marking centenary of Nobel Prize. Depicting Alfred Nobel and medals; Peace [left] and Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature. 2001

Alfred Nobel Fig44

USA stamp marking centenary of Nobel Prize. Depicting Alfred Nobel and medals; Peace [left] and Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature. 2001

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Alfred Nobel
Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.com

Name: Alfred Bernhard Nobel
Birth: 21 Oct. 1833, Stockholm, Sweden
Death: 10 Dec. 1896 San Remo, Italy
Patents: Alfred Nobel held 355 patent worldwide.
Hobbies Poetry, Literature, Health
Languages Spoken: Swedish, Russian, French, English, German, Italian
Not Married
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