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Medal Cash and Philanthropy

Robert W. Holley, Ph.D.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1968
Nobel co-recipients: H. Gobind Khorana, Marshall W. Nirenberg

Organic Chemist. 'Interpreted genetic code and its function in protein synthesis' First chemical synthesis of penicillin. Research: amino acids, peptides, protein biosynthesis. Discovered and isolated tRNA [transfer RNA] - alanine transfer RNA.

Medal Cash and Philanthropy

Dr. Robert Holley generously shared his Nobel Prize money with Dr. Elizabeth B. Keller and other research staff.

Biochemist Dr. Elizabeth B. Keller described the clover leaf appearance of transfer RNA. She sent the model in a Christmas card to Dr. Robert Holley. Later he used the model to describe part of his work for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Source: New York Times 28 Dec 1997

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Name: Robert William Holley
Birth: 28 January, 1922, Urbana, Il, USA
Death: 11 February, 1993, Los Gatos, CA, USA
Institution: Cornell University, Ithica, NY, USA
Award: "for their interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis."
Portion of Cash: 1/3
Education: Public schools in Illinois, California, Idaho. Urbana High School 1938.
B. A. Chemistry, University of Illinois 1942.
Ph.D. organic chemistry, Cornell University, 1947. Mentor Professor Alfred T. Blomquist.
WWII interrupted graduate work 1944-1946; worked with Vincent du Vigneaud, Cornell University Medical College on first chemical synthesis of penicillin.
Postdoctoral Fellow, American Chemical Society, Mentor Professor Carl M. Stevens, Washington State University, 1947-1948.
Medal Cash and Philanthropy