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R.V. Nagaveni M.D., M.S.
Pathologist and Cancer Biologist
Washington DC

Baily Consultant

George Bailey
Innovative Research and Technology Transfer
Washington DC


Harry G.Preuss M.D., M.A.C.N.
Nephrologist and Principal Investigator
Fairfax Station VA


R.A. Schneider, Esq., Ed.D.
Attorney and Author

Charles GooleyWebmaster

Charles Gooley M.S.
Software Engineer and Physical Organic Chemist
Web Developer and GIS specialist
Los Angeles, CA

RanjiniSoftware Engineer

Ranjini Subramanian B.E.
Louisville KY


Krishna Kumar Ph.D.
Chemist and Principal Investigator
Medford, MA

NewtonGraphic Artist

Newton Aaron Llorente
Visual Designer / UI Designer
Vallejo, CA

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