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Ganga Library kindles a fire in you revealing to you your hidden aspirations, abilities and skills. Ganga raises your own goals and motivates you to achieve those goals by reading inspirational material regarding high achievers. Ganga provides you and people worldwide, ideas to solve scientific, social and planetary problems.

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Some of Our Donors

Donald, Washington DC

Kamal Preet Dhawan M.D., Psychiatrist - Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Lancaster, CA.

Raviteja Pathuri M.S., Computer Engineer, Chicago Il.

Tom Wilke, B.A.Sc., International multi-lingual business student, Breda Area, Netherlands

Krishna Kumar, Ph.D., Chemist and Principal Investigator, Medford, MA

Christina I. Rodriguez, J.D., Attorney, Beverly Hills, CA

Prasanna Krishna, B.E., Senior Software Engineer, Atlanta, GA

The K Foundation, Kansas City, MO

Ingrid Nkenlifack, Student, Bowie, MD

Deepthi Illendula, Chemist, Chicago, IL

Kit Hinkle, Summerville, SC

Soumi Manna, Computer Engineer, Rawlins, WY

Photo: Russel Watkins/DFID/Wiki

Photo: World Economic Forum/Wiki

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA

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“One comes to be of just such stuff as that on which the mind is set” - Maithri Upanishath, VI.34:3

“…the peace that is found in libraries and laboratories…” - Louis Pasteur
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