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James Tobin

James Tobin

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1981

Catalog of Copyright Entries

Type of Work:Text
Registration No./Date:TX0002213446/1987-12-04
Title:Policies for Prosperity: Essays in a Keynesian Mode/James Tobin edited by P.M. Jackson
Description:508 p.
Copyright Claimant:James Tobin
Date of Creation:1986
Date of Publication1987-10-09
Basis of claim:New Matter: editing throughout text, lists
Copyright Note:C.O. Correspondence
Type of Work:Text
Registration No./Date:TX0000578468/1980-11-10
Title:Asset Accumulation and Economic Activity: Reflections on Contemporary Macroeconomic Theory/James Tobin
Description:99 p.
Series:Yrjoe Jahnsson Lectures
Copyright Claimant:James Tobin
Date of Creation1980
Date of Publication:1980-07-31
Previous Registration:Earlier version of chap.3 prev. reg. 1980, TXu 49-177
Basis of Claim:New Matter: "Entire work, including amended chap.3
Other title:Yrjoe Jahnsson Lectures ISBN 0631100911

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Name: James Tobin
Birth: 5 March 1918, Champaign, IL, USA
Death: 11 March 2002, New Haven, CT, USA
Institution: Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA
Award: "for his analysis of financial markets and their relations to expenditure decisions, employment, production and prices"
Subject: macroeconometrics
Portion of Cash: 1/1