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Herbert Simon

Herbert Simon

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1978
National Medal of Science - Behavioral and Social Science, 1986

Award: "for his pioneering research into the decision-making process within economic organizations"

Copyright Renewal Records

Title:Administrative Behavior NM: Additions
Author:Herbert A. Simon
Renewal Date:1974
Renewal IDR586453
Original Registration Number:A15217
Date of Renewal:27 Sept., 1974
Date of Publication:26 Aug., 1947
Claimant:Herbert A. Simon(A)
Class Code:A
Edition Statements:
Title:Administrative Behavior
Author:Herbert A. Simon
Renewal Date:1985
Renewal IDRE261053
Original Registration Number:A268606
Date of Renewal:2 Oct., 1985
Date of Publication:15 Jan., 1957
Claimant:Herbert A. Simon(A)
Class Code:A
Limitation of Claim:New Matter: Introd.
2nd ed.
Title:Administrative Hehavior: A Study of Decision-Making Process in Administrative Organization, Prelim. ed.
Author:Herbert A. Simon
Renewal Date:1972
Renewal IDR525903
Original Registration Number:A477716
Date of Renewal:22 Mar., 1972
Date of Publication:5 Mar., 1945
Claimant:Herbert A. Simon(A)
Class Code:A
Author:James G. March & Herbert A. Simon
Renewal Date:1986
Renewal IDRE299726
Original Registration Number:A359932
Date of Renewal:6 Aug., 1986
Date of Publication:21 Oct., 1958
Claimant:James G. March & Herbert A. Simon(A)
Class Code:A
Title:Public Administration
Author:Herbert A. Simon, Donala W.Smithburg & Victor A. Thompson
Renewal Date:1977
Renewal IDR67492
Original Registration Number:A45504
Date of Renewal:18 Oct., 1977
Date of Publication:7 July, 1950
Claimant:Herbert A. Simon, Donald W. Smithburg & Victor A.Thompson(A)
Class Code:A
Title:Planning Production, Inventories & Work Force
Author:Charles C. Holt, Franco Modigliani, John Muth, Herbert A. Simon, and others
Renewal Date:1988
Renewal IDRE389466
Original Registration Number:A475458
Date of Renewal:22 June, 1988
Date of Publication:18 Nov., 1960
Claimant:Charles C. Holt, Herbert A. Simon, Franco Modigliani & John Smith(A)
Class Code:A

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Name: Herbert A. Simon
Birth: 15 June 1916, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Death: 9 February 2001, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Institution: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Award: "for his pioneering research into the decision-making process within economic organizations"
Subject: management science
Portion of Cash: 1/1