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Frederick Reines B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Ph.D. (Physics)

Frederick Reines B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Ph.D. (Physics)

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1995
National Medal of Science - Physical Sciences 1983

Nobel co-recipient Martin L. Perl


A biographical memoir a Memorial Tribute by William Kropp, Jonas Schultz and Henry Sobe, National Academy of Sciences, biography 22 pages, 27 pages total.

Photo: US Govt/Wikipedia

Name: Frederick Reines
Birth: 16 March 1918, Paterson, NJ, USA
Death: 26 August 1998, Orange, CA, USA
Institution: University of California, Irvine, CA, USA
Award: "for the detection of the neutrino"
Subject: particle physics
Portion of Cash: 1/2
Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1939 & M.S. Mathematical Physics, 1941 Stevens Institute of Technology. Ph.D Physics New York University 1944
Dissertation: "The Liquid Drop for Nuclear Fission"
Doctoral Advisor: Richard D. Present