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Wassily Leontief

Wassily Leontief

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1973

Copyright Renewal Records

Title:Studies in the Structure of the American Economy, Theoretical and Emperical Explorations in Input-Output Analysis
Author:Wassily Leontief
Renewal Date:1981
Renewal IDRE079974
Original Registration Number:A77281
Date of Renewal:23 Jan., 1981
Date of Publication:8 Jan., 1953
Claimant:Wassily Leontief(A)
Class Code:A
Title:The Structure of the American Economy
Author:Wassily W. Leontief
Renewal Date:1979
Renewal IDRE02864
Original Registration Number:A55066
Date of Renewal:15 May, 1979
Date of Publication:19 Apr., 1951
Claimant:Wassily W. Leontief(A)
Class Code:A
Limitation of Claim:New Matter: enlargement
Edition Statements:2nd Ed.

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Name: Wassily Leontief
Birth: 5 August 1906, St. Petersburg, Russia
Death: 5 February 1999, New York, NY, USA
Institution: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Award: "for the development of the input-output method and for its application to important economic problems"
Subject: input-output analysis
Portion of Cash: 1/1