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Louis J. Ignarro Ph.D.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1998
Nobel Prize also awarded to Robert F. Furchgott and Ferid Murad

Molecular & Medical Pharmacologist

While testifying before Congress in 2000, Ignarro remarked: "Only in America could the son of an uneducated carpenter receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine."

Patents Compiled Oct., 2014

Serial No. 1/2
Publication No.US6524466 A1
TitleMethod and system of preventing fouling and corrosion of biomedical devices and structures
Publication TypeGrant
Publication Date:Feb. 23, 2003
Filing Date:Jul. 18, 2000
Inventors:Joseph Bonaventura, Louis Ignarro, David B. Dowling, Arthur J. Spivack
Assignee:Applied Semiconductor, Inc.
Abstract:A system for preventing corrosion and/or fouling of a surface of a biomedical device in contact with a corrosive environment comprising:
(a) a semiconductive coating in conductive contact with at least part of the surface; and
(b) an electronic filter for filtering corrosive noise and a method of preventing corrosion and/or fouling using the system.
Representative Figure:
Family Members:CA2418379A1, CA2418379C, CN1227391C, CN1446271A, EP1303645A1, EP1303645A4, WO2002006563A1
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Serial No. 2/2
Publication No.WO 2004043443 A2
TitleDrugs for sexual dysfunctions
Publication TypeInternational Application Publication
Publication Date:May 27, 2004
Filing Date:Nov. 3, 2003
Inventors:Cirino Giuseppe, Del Soldato Piero, Ignarro Louis J, Mirone Vincenzo
Abstract:Use for the preparation of drugs for treating sexual dysfunctions, in particular male impotence, of compounds or salts thereof of formula: (I) wherein z is R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R11, p, q, and X, k, y and W have the meanings mentioned in the specification. Another aspect or the preparation of drugs for treating sexual dysfunctions of derivatives of the compounds of formula (I) containing one or more -ON (O)s groups.
Representative Figure:
Family Member:None
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Robert Lefkowitz
Photo: Courtesy Dr.Louis Ignarro

Name: Louis J. Ignarro
Birth: 31 May, 1941, Brooklyn, New York
Institution: University of California School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Award: "Nitric Oxide as Signaling Molecule in Cardiovascular system"
Subject: cardiovascular physiology, pharmacology
Portion of cash 1/3
National Medal of Science - Physical Sciences 1988 USA
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Chinese University of Hong Kong, Honorary Doctorate 2009