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Frédéric Passy

The Nobel Peace Prize 1901

Alfred Nobel's contemporary. Apostle of Peace, Humanitarian, Economist, Lawyer, Politician. Founder, French peace society. Free trade between independent nations promotes peace. Inspired by Nobelist Randal Cremer.

Opposed France's colonial policy. 1905 Sweden-Norway conflict, declared, '…peaceful solution will make me hundred times happier than when I received Nobel Prize…' Wish fulfilled.


1. "Man no longer fights…; he only controls machines of destruction that fight for and against him. Just as in the factories of Chicago, where… the swine that enter into the merciless machinery reappear upon their exit in the form of ham, lard, and sausages, the same is true of this prodigious machinery that today constitutes the material of war: it will take just moments for armies that never meet to be trans formed into blood-soaked dirt and twisted flesh.… The machinery will carry out its duty without thinking about the men who put them into action. Where is there a place for heroism in all this?

2. "In certain cases, when it concerns defending or recovering the independence of one's country…, war can beand is the most noble and magnificent task in life, for it is the most complete surrender, the supreme sacrifice to the first among duties, the unhesitating and absolute devotion to a holy cause."

3. Passy explained his mission as "the true patriotism': "tranquil patriotism, quiet patriotism, the patriotism of peace; …patriotism without hate, but not without love; …patriotism that bears no one a grudge, yet bows before no one; and just as it sincerely respects the rights of other nations, it expects other nations to respect its rights."

4. "the greater part of humanity's miseries are so much the product of our own fault that it can only be up to us to make them disappear,"

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Name: Frédéric Passy
Birth: 20 May 1822, Paris, France
Death: 12 June 1912, Paris, France
Residence when prize awarded: France
Role: Founder and President of first French peace society (since 1889 called Société française pour l'arbitrage entre nations)
Field: humanitarian work, peace movement
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