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Frédéric Passy

The Nobel Peace Prize 1901

Alfred Nobel's contemporary. Apostle of Peace, Humanitarian, Economist, Lawyer, Politician. Founder, French peace society. Free trade between independent nations promotes peace. Inspired by Nobelist Randal Cremer.

Opposed France's colonial policy. 1905 Sweden-Norway conflict, declared, '…peaceful solution will make me hundred times happier than when I received Nobel Prize…' Wish fulfilled.


Nobel Lecture by Louis Renault on May 18, 1908; Nobel Peace Prize awardee, 1907.

"As you can imagine, I have been looking forward to this opportunity of expressing publicly to the Nobel Committee my deep gratitude for the signal honor they have conferred in awarding me the Peace Prize; I look upon it as the greatest honor of my life. I should like also to keep a promise made to my distinguished colleague Mr. Frédéric Passy when I saw him on the eve of my departure, by conveying to you his regrets that age has prohibited him from discharging the same duty".

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Name: Frédéric Passy
Birth: 20 May 1822, Paris, France
Death: 12 June 1912, Paris, France
Residence when prize awarded: France
Role: Founder and President of first French peace society (since 1889 called Société française pour l'arbitrage entre nations)
Field: humanitarian work, peace movement
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