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James E. Meade

James E. Meade

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1977
Co-nobelist: Bertil Ohlin

Copyright Renewal Records

Title:Problems with Economic Union
Author:James Meade
Renewal Date:1981
Renewal IDRE107544
Original Registration Number:A86138
Date of Renewal:7 Dec., 1981
Date of Publication:13 Mar., 1953
Claimant:James Meade(A)
Class Code:A
Photo: LSE Library, Wiki. Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.com

Name: James E. Meade
Birth: 23 June 1907, Swanage, United Kingdom
Death: 22 December 1995, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Institution: University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Award: "for their pathbreaking contribution to the theory of international trade and international capital movements"
Subject: international economics
Portion of Cash: 1/2