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Edward F. Knipling

Edward F. Knipling

The National Medal of Science - Biological Sciences 1966


A Biographical Memoir by Perry Adkisson and James Tumlinson, National Academy of Sciences, 11 pages, 15 pages total.

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Name: Edward F. Knipling
Birth: 20 March, 1909, USA
Title: Director, Entomology Research Divisions
Affiliation: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland, USA
Year Deceased: 2000
Award Discipline: Biological Sciences
Award Year: 1966
Citation: "For outstanding original contributions involving unique biological approaches to the control of insect vectors responsible for diseases of humans, domesticated animals and plants."
Presented by President Johnson at a White House ceremony on Feb. 6, 1967
Education: B.S. 1930 & M.S. 1932, Entomology, Texas A&M College (now Texas A & M University)
Ph.D. Entomology, Iowa State University, 1947