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Michael H. Freedman Ph.D.

National Medal of Science - Mathematics and Computer Science 1987

American mathematician. Proof of Poincare Conjecture in dimension four. One of the greatest achievements in mathematics in this century. Fields Medal, 1986.


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Simons Foundation

Science Lives: Michael Freedman. Simons Foundation. Jan 30, 2015. 4:22

Michael Freedman: Manifold Pairings and Quantum Gravity, Feb 10, 2014. 1:03:17

Mike Freedman, Lecture Series on Bing topology and Casson handles, Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik. Multiple lectures from Jan 2013 to Apr 2013.

History of Michael Freedman's Proof of the 4-d Poincare Conjecture, Panel discussion at the Freedman 60 workshop, MathSciResInst's channel. Jun 21, 2011. 59:23.

Michael Freedman

Photo: Courtesy Michael H. Freedman

Name: Michael Hartley Freednam
Birth: 21 April 1951 Los Angeles, CA USA
Institution when prize awarded: University of California, San Diego
Citation: "For his proof of the Poincare Conjecture in dimension four: a topological four-manifold is homeomorphic to S4 [4th power]. It is homotopy equivalent to S4 [4th power], one of the greatest achievements in mathematics in this century." Presented by President Reagan at a White House Ceremony on June 25, 1987.
Field: Mathematics and Computer Science
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