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Anatole France

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1921

Novelist, storyteller; almost all genres. Nobility of style, profound human sympathy, true Gallic temperament. Historical fiction evokes past civilizations with great charm, deep insight.

Post-World War I. At Nobel ceremony Frenchman France turned to Nobelist, German Nernst, exchanged a long and cordial handshake with him - a profoundly symbolic gesture.


Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.com

France Fig1

Anatole France, age 30 yrs.1874. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig2

Anatole France, age 36 yrs.1880. Author: Wilhelm Benque. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig3

Anatole France, age 45 yrs.1889. Author: Atelier Nadar. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig4

Anatole France, age 49 yrs. 1893. Author: Paul Nadar. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig5

Anatole France at work. Source: US Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig6

Anatole France. Author: Théophile Steinlen. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig7

Anatole France, age 58 yrs. at funeral of Emile Zola [Dreyfus Affair], 1902. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig8

Portrait of Anatole France, 1906. Author: Anders Leonard Zorn, one of Sweden's foremost artists; internationally famous as painter, sculptor and printmaker in etching. Source: National library of Australia/Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig9

Anatole France image in British magazine Vanity Fair; caption reads: "The Greatest Living Frenchman", 1909. Author: "Guth" Jean Baptiste Guth. Source: University of Virginia Fine Arts Library/Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig10

Anatole France, age 66yrs. 1910. Author: Pierre-Eugène Vibert, Swiss painter, designer and illustrator worked in Paris and Geneva. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig11

Anatole France age 69 yrs.in St. Petersburg in 1913, in front of St. Isaac's Cathedral. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig13

Advertisement in Moving Picture World, Jan 1918 for silent film Thaïs, produced by Samuel Goldwyn, and based on the 1890 novel Thaïs by Anatole France. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig14

Anatole France portrait, age 76 yrs.1920. Author: Théophile Steinlen, Swiss-born French Art Nouveau painter and printmaker. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig15

Anatole France portrait, age 76 yrs 1920. Author: Théophile Steinlen. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig16

Last known photograph of Anatole France, age 79 yrs 1923. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig17

Scanned postcard, before 1930. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig18

Bust of Anatole France by sculptor Emile Antoine Bourdel, Orsay Museum in Paris, 2008. Author: Arnaud 25. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig19

Anatole France, Crayon Drawing, 2008. Author: Pierre Calmettes. Source: Flickr.com

France Fig20

Anatole France. Source: Magazine 'The nation', Buenos Aires January 4, 1970/ Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig21

Anatole France, sculpture by François Sicard, in park of Prefecture, Tours, France. Author: Agota. 2012. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig22

Anatole France house, Villa Said. Author: Ptelea. 2012. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig23

Anatole France plaque - 19 Quai Malaquais, Paris 6. Author: Monceau. 2012. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig24

Anatole France buried in the old cemetery in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Division 1 alignment 320, 8 drops. Author: Raphou. 2013. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig25

Anatole France. Author: Antonin Delzers. 2013. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Note: Unemployed Intellectual stamp - a postage stamp whose revenue helped support unemployed intellectuals and artists. This stamp was used in France (1935-1940) for intellectuals. A similar stamp was issued in Hungary (1940) for artists.

France Fig26

Governing is dissatisfying. Anatole France, 2014. Author: Pierre-Eugène Vibert ; edited by Eugenio Hansen, OFS. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig27

Plaque at Tsitsernakaberd for Anatole France ,Yerevan, Armenia. 2014. Author: Aschroet. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

France Fig28

Anatole France sculpture by Paolo Troubetzkoy, 1907, Tretyakov gallery, Moscow, Russia. Author: Wikipedia user Shakko. 2014. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Troubetzkoy, a vegetarian, also sculpted equestrian statues. His friend George Bernard Shaw, Literature Nobelist, 1925, also a vegetarian, remarked, "Troubetzkoy is the most astonishing sculptor of modern times. He is a gigantic and terrifying humanitarian who can do anything with an animal except eat it!"

France Fig28

Anatole France with a scarf. Author: Pierre Choumoff [1872-1936], professional photographer. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

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Painting Tim Tompkins - PaintHistory.com

Name: Anatole France (pen-name of Jacques Anatole Thibault)
Birth: 16 April 1844, Paris, France
Death: 12 October 1924, Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, France
Residence at the time of the award: France
Prize motivation: "in recognition of his brilliant literary achievements, characterized as they are by a nobility of style, a profound human sympathy, grace, and a true Gallic temperament"
Field: Prose
Language: French
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