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Élie Ducommun

The Nobel Peace Prize 1902
Nobel co-recipient Albert Gobat

Permanent International Peace Bureau [1910 Nobel Peace Prize]. Nobelist Passy's description: "exactitude, firmness." History Demonstrates War's Futility. Predicted, 1901: Despite modern weapons' destructiveness, wars will ebb, flow. Alfred Nobel's Contemporary.

Nobel Chairperson Løvland, "You Swiss, with your sense of life's realities, have special gift for taking ideas from realm of dreams and turning them into realities."


Élie Ducommun organized and operated the International Bureau of Peace in 1890. He was the honorary Secretary-General and continued to work until death. He himself chose to work without a remuneration.

Élie Ducommun passed away due to heart and lung ailments at the age of seventy-three in 1906.

Robert Lefkowitz
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Name: Élie Ducommun
Birth: 19 February 1833, Geneva, Switzerland
Death: 7 December 1906, Bern, Switzerland
Residence at the time of the award: Switzerland
Role: Honorary Secretary, Permanent International Peace Bureau, Bern, Switzerland
Field: peace Movement
Bearing Laureate's Name Youth