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James M. Buchanan Jr.

James M. Buchanan Jr.

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1986

Copyright Renewal Records

Title:Fiscal Theory & Political Economy
Author:James M. Buchanan
Renewal Date:1988
Renewal IDRE410107
Original Registration Number:A471639
Date of Renewal:27 Dec., 1988
Date of Publication:20 Oct., 1960
Claimant:James M. Buchanan
Class Code:A
Title:The Calculus of Concent: Logical Foundations of Constitutional Democracy
Author:James M. Buchanan and Gordon Tullock
Renewal Date:1990
Renewal IDRE500602
Original Registration Number:A560055
Date of Renewal:3 Dec., 1990
Date of Publication:20 Apr., 1962
Claimant:James M. Buchanan & Gordon Tullock(A)
Class Code:A

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Name: James M. Buchanan Jr.
Birth: 3 October 1919, Murfreesboro, TN, USA
Death: 9 January 2013, Blacksburg, VA, USA
Institution: Center for Study of Public Choice, Fairfax, VA, USA
Award: "for his development of the contractual and constitutional bases for the theory of economic and political decision-making"
Subject: public finance
Portion of Cash: 1/1