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George Fletcher Bass Ph.D.

National Medal of Science - Biological Sciences 2001

Archeologist. Father of underwater archaeology. Excavated shipwrecks of Bronze Age, Classical Age, Byzantine. Founded Institute of Nautical Archaeology. Findings throw new light into beginning of free enterprise system, dating Homer's Odyssey, chronologies of Egyptian dynasties, Helladic cultures; histories of technology, economics, music, art, religion.

"The greatest thrill comes from the library, when you can understand something about what you've found, when it all comes together and it means something."


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Name: George Fletcher Bass, Ph.D.

Birth: 9 December, 1932 Columbia, S.C.

Title: Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Nautical Archaeology and Founder, The Institute of Nautical Archaeology

Affiliation: Texas A&M University

Citation: "For pioneering ocean technology and creating a new branch of scholarship, nautical archaeology, thereby providing new knowledge of the histories of economics, technology, and literacy." Presented by President George W. Bush in a White House East Room ceremony on June 12, 2002.

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