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John N. Bahcall Ph.D.

National Medal of Science - Physical Sciences 1998


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Photo: Dan Bahcall, Wiki

Name: John Norris Bahcall
Birth: 30 December, 1934
Death: 17 August, 2005
Institution: Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey 
Award: "For his fundamental contributions to areas of modern astrophysics ranging from solar neutrino physics to the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy to cosmology, and for his leadership of the astronomical community, especially his tireless advocacy of the Hubble Space Telescope."
Presented by President William Jefferson Clinton in a White House (East Room) ceremony on Tuesday, April 27, 1999
Education: A.B. [Chemistry] Harvard 1909 [completed requirements in 3 yrs.].
Ph.D. Harvard 1912.
Doctoral mentors: H.A. Torrey, C.L. Jackson, Latham Clarke & G. S. Forbes.